Study Abroad: The Departure

Study Abroad: The Departure


I got to LAX with Mom, dad, Caleb, and Nathan, and we checked in through the electronic terminal and checked in luggages at kiosk. We took some pictures with them before we went to checkin, which really made it more apparent that we were leaving for something big. Once we got to the checkin desk though, Nathan’s luggage was overweight, so he had to empty random food items and shampoo. After we took care of that, we went through security, and I got separated with Nate. Also, going through security, I forgot to take off iPhone and Apple Watch, so had to put them in a separate bin in security.

Once I was past security, I made my way to the waiting area with Nathan and got seats near electric outlets. There were some French ladies who wanted our seats, but we cancelled them. I used the water fountain and restroom but forgot to fill up my water bottle. Uncle Noni and Lance called to wish us a good flight, which was really nice to have before such a monumental event. After some time, it was finally time to get in line to board the flight, and Christopher Porler was called over the loudspeaker to board his flight. The flight left without him.

On this flight to Paris, I brought a knapsack with stuff to use during the flight. The most annoying thine about this flight was that the knapsack got a hole in it, and I had to be watchful so that nothing valuable fell out. They served beef with mashed potatoes later into the flight, but my stomach didn’t like it. I ended up puking three times on the flight, ordering water multiple times to quench my dehydration, and was not able to sleep the entire 7 hour flight. This adventure is off to a wonderful start…


It was exhilarating to fly out of LA to Paris! There was a strange calm most times, and I was sort of in survival mode most of the time. This feeling of numbness was not what I was expecting, but I’m really hoping for the best. I really hope to have an eye opening experience in France, and I’m looking forward to meeting my host family!