Classes Begin Abroad

Classes Begin Abroad


The morning

A quick morning

Woke up early and had no complications with the showers this time. Didn’t have time for breakfast so had a granola bar. Got to the institute a little early, and realized we had to meet at the theater instead of the institute.

The afternoon

German residence permit and lunch

Applied for a German residence permit, which included our passport information, parental information, and an instruction manual to fill it out. Afterwards, we had lunch at a burger place, King Marcel, which was empty but we were able to order in French. We thought it was a kids meal but luckily it was just the standard.

Fun in classes

Afterwards, I headed to my first class at 12:30pm, Intercultural Communication and Leadership, which was taught by Jean-Philippe (JP). He was really funny, and I got to draw an iceberg on the whiteboard, representing culture as many different layers and things below the surface. Afterwards, the next class was 19th Century French Literature, taught by Claire de Obaldia, We talked about Romantic French literature and what it contributed to French history.

The evening

Meeting Mom and my Aunt

Afterwards, we met with Mom and my aunt Tita Tess, who were in town for the week. We ate dinner at an Asian fusion, Meltin’ House, and were able to talk about the week with them. We went on the metro and said goodbye to them, and proceeded on the metro home. We discussed with Madame Tollgerdt that we would not be having dinner the following evening, and went to our room to sleep.


It was such a rewarding day because of classes I enjoy, and seeing familiar faces, if even only after a couple days. The experience so far has felt surprisingly freeing and I’m so thankful for the people supporting me and the classes and experiences that have come my way.